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Organic Energy has been built on a philosophy of quality produce, good health and excellent service. Our loyal staff are helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects of the raw food and organic fruit and vegies that we stock.

In our retail store at the Griffith Shops we stock a diverse range of certified organic seasonal fruit and veggies, as well as dried fruits and nuts, raw food and wheatgrass. Our fresh produce is Australian grown, much of it from local farms. We are a certified retailer of organic produce and over the past 25 years we have built strong relationships with organic farmers and wholesalers, allowing us to provide the tastiest and freshest produce to our customers.

Organic Energy also specialises in a wide range of lovingly hand-made gourmet raw food products. In addition to our famous raw vegan icecream’s, we also make raw crackers, kale chips, chia cups and cookies (to name a few!). If raw food excites you, we also run raw food preparation classes in conjunction with other Canberra based health experts.

If you can’t make it to our store, we also offer a weekly home delivery option that services all suburbs in Canberra and surrounding regions. You can place your order through our online shop or by phone. We put the same quality and care into our home delivery service to take the hassle out of shopping for you.


Our Story

In the early 1980’s, the founder of Organic Energy, Karen Medbury, visited California where she was inspired by the abundance of organic and raw foods. She returned home with the passion to make these foods available to her family and friends, and to be part of a community that fostered the same beliefs about health and organics as those she had encountered in the USA.

Soon after, Organic Energy started its life as a quirky backyard business where every Wednesday boxes of organic fruit and vegetables were packed for local families to pick up. Twenty-five years later, Organic Energy has evolved into a dynamic retail store in the heart of the alternative Griffith Shops.

Karen was the first person to make certified organic fruit and vegetables accessible to Canberran’s, and continues to be a leader in nutrition and health movements including wheatgrass and raw food. Today, Karen runs her shop with the same passion and commitment she has since its inception. She is surrounded by a family of dedicated staff who share her commitment to organic food and health.


What do you sell?

We sell a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables, house-made organic raw food products, dried fruit and nuts and wheatgrass.

Where does the produce come from?

Comes from a variety of local farmers when in season. In addition, our produce is sourced from a total of 5 certified organic and biodynamic wholesalers based in Melbourne and Sydney.

How do I know it’s organic?

We have been a certified retailer of organic fruit and vegetables for the past 15 years. As part of the certification process Organic Energy undergoes regular inspections by certification bodies to ensure standards are being met. When you visit the shop or shop online the product will be marked as organic, biodynamic or conventional. Conventional produce refers to produce that has not undergone any certification process, however this produce is often local produce that is grown without sprays and will be marked as such.

Certified organic and biodynamic farms undergo a rigorous and continuous process of soil testing and inspections in order be approved. Achieving certification can take many years but results in the highest quality produce available.

Why is organic food more expensive than conventional food?

Organic and biodynamic produce is often more expensive than conventional produce because it reflects the true cost of food production, giving the farmers a fair price and not damaging the land with harsh chemicals. Go to our Why Eat Organic page for a full description of the benefits of organic food for you and the earth.

Raw Food FAQs

Are the raw products organic?

Wherever possible, the raw food products are made using organic ingredients (approximately 98% of the time). Please read the ingredients label of the individual products for more information.

Do the raw food products contain nuts?

Yes, many but not all products use nuts. Please read the ingredients list carefully.