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Health benefits of pineapple in our green juice

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Why we added pineapple in our green juice: It tastes amazing and protects the enzymes in the juice! 

Also, pineapple has a number of excellent health benefits, including boosting the immune system, improving growth and development, eliminating inflammation, and protecting heart health. It is also good for balancing mood, improving the muscle function, preventing cancer, increasing fertility, and speeding up digestion. Regular drinking pineapple juice is beneficial for people struggling with high blood pressure, low metabolism, depression, anxiety, mood swings, nutrient deficiencies, constipation, and indigestion. www.organicfacts.net/pineapple-juice.html

Come and taste the benefits of our cold pressed raw juice made from our #organicfruitandvegetables
Cold pressed juice retains a maximum amount of nutrients, enzymes, minerals and vitamins present in fruits, veggies and leafy greens. Our special recipe green juice is perfect detox juice on-demand, with kale, spinach, parsley, cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, carrots, apples, pineapple and lemon juice. 

We are the only NASAA certified retailer of organic produce in Canberra. Please support your community and order your weekly box of locally sourced organic fruit and vegetables to your door. Orders for Tuesday delivery in NSW and ACT are now taken.

Strawberry twins!

Newborn strawberry twins! Served with our in-house coconut cream with fresh coconut meat, coconut Melange, coconut oil, coconut water, vanilla, Agave and salt. Double yummy strawberries and cream! All ingredients raw vegan and organic.Please support your community and order from us your weekly box of locally sourced organic fruit and vegetables. Orders for Tuesday delivery [...]

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Organic Energy since 1986

We are the only certified retailer of organic produce in Canberra. Since 1986, Karen, the sole owner and proprietor has built strong relationships with organic farmers and wholesalers, allowing us to provide the tastiest and freshest produce to you.Karen was the first person to make certified organic fruit and vegetables accessible to Canberran’s and continues [...]

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Organic gift-wrapped Medjool dates

Taste the best raw vegan organic Medjool dates in Canberra. These were especially gift-wrapped for an order. This week's home delivery is on Wednesday due to ACT public holiday. Orders for this Wednesday delivery in NSW and ACT are taken now online or over the phone.

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How to rehydrate your greens

Here are a few ways of rehydrating any of your vegetables and greens that are still green, but have gone soft or limp from being left in the air for too long. This method works well with silver beet, English spinach bunches, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, as well as all the herbs, such as parsley, basil, dill, mint, rocket [...]

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It is the season for persimmons and we keep getting a lot of questions about them. It is absolutely delicious yet often-misunderstood fruit. We sell three varieties at Organic Energy: Fuyu, Jiro and Knightingale. They are local and grow abundantly in Canberra.The key is to know which is astringent and which is non-astringent and when they are ready [...]

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Our house-made raw vegan mousse cakes

Tania ordered a selection of our house-made raw vegan mousse cakes for her mother's birthday and wrote to us:The cakes are amazing! Mum, Dad, the girls, friends ALL LOVED the flavours, the textures... just delicious and no after effects...real ingredients. We have SO many photoes and requests for the makers... we`ve passed on your contact [...]

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The story of Australia’s hemp pioneer

This story was found at: livingnow.com.au/story-australias-hemp-pioneer/ by Paul Benhaim 28 May 2017 Photo: livingnow.com.au/story-australias-hemp-pioneer/ On May 1, 2017 hemp was finally legalised as a food in Australia. Here is the remarkable story of the man who has spent the past two decades committed to sharing the health of hemp with everyone.It was during my travels in Canada [...]

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Weekly organic fruit and vegetable home deliveries

Monday's reminder: Would you like some home delivered #organicfruit #organicvegetables #rawfood #veganfood this week? Orders for Tuesday delivery in NSW and ACT are now taken. For online ordering please follow the bio link for more info.We deliver organically grown Black Muscat, Thompson Seedless, Ralli Seedless and Sultana grape (seedless) to your door this week. 

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The Best Raw Organic Vegan Caramel Slice

By far THE BEST ever raw vegan organic caramel slice. Come and get these caramel slices full of flavour. Or added to your this week's home delivery.Orders for this Thursday delivery in NSW and ACT are taken now online or over the phone. 

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