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It is the season for persimmons and we keep getting a lot of questions about them. It is absolutely delicious yet often-misunderstood fruit.

We sell three varieties at Organic Energy: Fuyu, Jiro and Knightingale. They are local and grow abundantly in Canberra.

The key is to know which is astringent and which is non-astringent and when they are ready to be eaten. Astringent persimmons need to be eaten fully soft and mushy and become non-astringent when eaten ripe. They are very sweet. If eaten before fully ripe they leave an extremely unpleasant powdery furry, astringent feeling in the mouth. This is the main reason they are so misunderstood. The astringent variety in the shop is Knightingale.

Non-astringent persimmons can be eaten firm like an apple and chopped through salads. They can also be eaten soft, but are not as flavoursome as when eaten firm or just before soft. They have a more delicate flavour and are less sweet than a fully ripe astringent persimmon. The non-astringent varieties in the shop are Fuyu and Jiro.

Come and experiment with the appley Fuyu and Jiro and the ‘sloppy’ Knightingale.