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  • Radish (Bunch)
  • Rhubarb (Bunch)
    $8.80 Rhubarb (Bunch)
    Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable grown for its attractive succulent rose red color edible leafy stalks. This cool-season herbaceous plant is native to Siberia and popular in many regions of Europe and North America as 'pie...
  • Rocket - loose leaf (100g)
    $3.40 Rocket - loose leaf (100g)
    This lovely herby, salad green is famous for its peppery bite. However it should also be fomous for its rich mineral content, particularly iron and vitamins A, C and K.
  • Sage (Bunch)
    $3.80 Sage (Bunch)
  • Salad Mix (150g)
    $5.10 Salad Mix (150g)
    Our famous locally grown salad mix is a fridge staple. 
  • Shallots (Bunch)
    $5.80 Shallots (Bunch)
    Shallots are great to use finely chopped and mixed through salads, particularly taboule and dips like guacamole. 
  • Shallots (Half Bunch)
    $2.90 Shallots (Half Bunch)
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  • Silverbeet (Bunch)
  • Snow Peas (150g)
    $5.10 Snow Peas (150g)
    Snow peas are a different species of peas wherein the whole pods are eaten. As they are consumed as a whole, they have relatively high content of dietary fibre. Fibere in the diet helps reduce blood cholesterol levels,...
  • Sprout Mix (Punnet) NOT CERTIFIED
    $5.80 Sprout Mix (Punnet) NOT CERTIFIED
    Sprouts are great when simply tossed through a salad but can also be eaten on their own as a side. If you are feeling adventurous you could try Heidi Swanson's Sprout Salad recipe. Sprouts are...
  • $7.80 Sunflower Sprouts
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  • Sweet Corn  (1 Cob) NOT ORGANIC
  • Sweet Potato - Orange (500g)
    $5.90 Sweet Potato - Orange (500g)
    These are a delicately sweet flavoured orange fleshed root vegetable, perfect for baking.
  • Sweet Potato - White Flesh (500g)
    $4.40 Sweet Potato - White Flesh (500g)
    Purple sweet potatoes have an extra rich and sweet flavour that caramelises when baked.
  • Thyme (Bunch)
  • Tomato - Cherry (Punnet)
    $7.80 Tomato - Cherry (Punnet)
    Organic cherry tomatos are sweet and juicy. They have many uses including in our raw Quinoa Tabouli.